Were a collective of really great talent.

We build custom teams for every unique project and relationship. Our collective of high-caliber humans and revered industry talents constantly amaze us and our clients. They are dependable. They are passionate. They are experts. And they never disappoint. Not ever.

Kim McMullen, Flipside Creative's Chief Creative Renegade.

Kim McMullen
Chief Creative Renegade

Kim started this shop in 2006 with a laptop off eBay and a desire to create great work for good people—no jerks. She's a marketing strategist and brand voice expert. She's also not afraid to stand up for what's right. In fact, she's downright defiant in her commitment to doing good. She fired the last accountant who told her Flipside's charitable work was getting her nowhere fast. "He has no balls," she declared. And promptly cut a cheque to a local homeless initiative. Because she could.

Miranda Grigor, Flipside Creative's Lead Creative Renegade.

Miranda Grigor
Lead Creative Renegade

Miranda directs all of our creative projects. She's deeply committed to good work so she pushes hard—both rationally and with heart—for great, strategic design. Every time. She is wildly creative, super hilarious, and incredibly nice. The kind of woman who goes the extra mile (or ten) just to be absolutely, totally, completely certain that every millimetre of a project is spot-on perfect. She's anal that way and we love her for it.

Nathan Snelgrove, Flipside Creative's go-to web developer.

Nathan Snelgrove
Web developer

Nathan is a behind-the-scenes, stay-up-way-too-late guy who leads all of our custom website development projects. He nerds out on code and doesn’t get enough limelight if you ask us. He’s atypically extroverted, super kind, plays guitar in a metal band and he's also a photographer. He’s a lot of really good things.  

Erick Grigorovski, Flipside Creative's top illustrator and animator.

erick Grigorovski
illustrator + Animator

Erick is an animator and illustrator with an abnormally big beard and a really big heart. In addition to animating thoughtful, engaging shorts for our clients, Erick also writes and produces animated climbing movies for adventure film festivals. And they win awards. Big ones. So he’s kind of a big deal and he’s also really humble about it. He also tells really bad jokes. The worst.

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