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project: rebrand + Promotion

With the increasing popularity of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Vancouver and in light of the Province of BC’s new Zero Emissions Act, the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA) saw an opportunity to up the cool factor of its annual electric vehicle expo, ElectraFest. Their mandate was to create an event brand that enticed the everyman (and everywoman) to check out the event.

ElectraFest event logo design by marketing collective, Flipside Creative.
Instagram strategy and design for ElectraFest by marketing collective, Flipside Creative.
ElectraFest event poster design by marketing collective, Flipside Creative.
ElectraFest sponsorship package layout and design by marketing collective, Flipside Creative.

WHAT, why, how

We wanted to create an event brand that connected with the history of cars and a primarily masculine audience while also moving that brand to the future with charisma. It had to appeal to everyone curious about EVs now and pique the curiously if the EV-ignorant.

We up-levelled VEVA's conservative (yet recognizable) red and black colour palette with a retro vibe and a futuristic layout. We refreshed their existing promotional materials for 2019 and created a bunch of new ones to support them in evolving the event brand ongoing.


The wordmark is a bold statement—it’s literally electric in colour and presence. Masculine yet fluidly feminine. Retro and futuristic all the same. We coupled this with an electric, lightening-bolt inspired submark.


We coupled a traditional primary palette—red and black—with a bold, non-traditional, charismatic secondary palette of mint and yellow, to broaden the event’s appeal.

social media strategy + templates

We devised a social plan for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram including:

We coupled this strategy with social visuals and templates, including:

Poster template

For quick in-city promotion (think coffee shop boards and hydro poles) we created a simple poster with maximum impact.