Caffe Garibaldi

+ Logo refresh
+ Tagline
+ Submarks
+ Menu design
+ Adventure mural
+ Coffee mug creative
+ T-shirt design
+ Print ad
+ Coffee sleeves

project: Spice up an existing brand

Caffe Garibaldi is a popular hub for caffeine consumption and adventure-planning in the heart Squamish—one of BC's most outdoorsy towns. When Yvonne Phinith purchased the café from its former owner in 2019, she wanted to elevate the authentic, local experience. So she asked us to take what existed already, and add to it to elevate the brand exponentially and make it feel more, well, Squamish.

Caffe Garibaldi logo design by Vancouver-based creative collective, Flipside Creative.
Caffe Garibaldi adventure mural illustration design by Vancouver-based creative collective, Flipside Creative.
Caffe Garibaldi mug and t-shirt design by Vancouver-based creative collective, Flipside Creative.
Caffe Garibaldi tagline by Vancouver-based creative collective, Flipside Creative.

“I had a vision and wanted to capture a feeling in my brand. There was no better company to bring my ideas to light than Flipside. They made it easy for me to basically dump all of my thoughts into one giant pile and somehow were able to pull out all the pieces that made sense and bring my brand and vision to life.”

yvonne phinith, owner
Caffe Garibaldi ad design by Vancouver-based creative collective, Flipside Creative.
Caffe Garibaldi menu board design by Vancouver-based creative collective, Flipside Creative.

WHAT, why, how

As frequenters of Caffe Garibaldi as a waypoint en route to our own adventures, and as lovers already of Squamish and its adventurous spirit, we got what Yvonne was going for right away. The trick was to make an old caffe feel relevant again.


We finessed the logo ever-so-slightly. Since the illustration of Garibaldi himself already had brand awareness, there was no need to reinvent the wheel. What we did do was update the font, add a shape that would complement the supportive brand assets we would eventually create, and create a wordmark option for alternate media.


The tagline was a no-brainer for us. Caffe Garibaldi is where adventurers come first thing in the morning to grab a java before their trek, and then pop back in post-adventure to rest, relax, and tell stories of the day that unfolded. Tourists stop in mid-day to get a lay of the land and prepare for their journeys ahead.


It’s a mantra for life in Squamish. And for café-goers, too.


We brought the outdoors to the café in a very big way. A custom illustration featuring all of the adventures one can have in Squamish—rock climbing, ski touring, paragliding, trail running, snowboarding, mountain biking, paddle-boarding, kayaking. You name it and it’s in the mural, which was used to wrap the entire café counter. It's also broken down into bite-sized bits for t-shirts, swag, ads, and other collateral as needed. The point: Adventure starts here.


The café wanted to capitalize on its tourist-based patronage and local pride, so we created t-shirts and coffee mugs for purchase that would become collector’s items over time. The adventure-themed pieces would change with the seasons to represent the sport of the moment.

menu board

The café’s backlit menu-boards were a bit of a sore spot stylistically and there wasn’t budget to re-envision these from a structural point of view. So we designed clean, aesthetically-pleasing, easy-to-read menu board that didn’t overbear and that made ordering a breeze.