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project: Launch a new brand

The team at CORVUM approached us with one of our favourite requests: “We have a new company name and a vision for the future; we need a team to bring it to life.” So we did. Starting with just a name—CORVUM—which is Latin for a raven and well-associated with the heart of this unique and niche communication company, we worked tirelessly over the course of 18 months to understand the soul of the business, the needs of the customers, and the personality of the brand. Then, we brought it to life. In a big way.

Logo design for CORVUM by Vancouver-based marketing collective Flipside Creative.
Postcard design for CORVUM by Vancouver-based marketing collective Flipside Creative.
Brochure design for CORVUM, by marketing collective Flipside Creative.
Pattern design for CORVUM, by marketing collective Flipside Creative.

"Thank you for all the sweat and elbow grease helping us birth CORVUM into the world. Facing the world armed with a name and voice we can really believe in has been transformative."

graham nelson-zutter, co-Founder
Brand guidelines for I'll Know It When I See It, by Vancouver-based marketing collective Flipside Creative.
Brochure design by marketing collective, Flipside Creative.

WHAT, why, how

We did the ground work first to ensure the brand that came to life was one that honestly and definitively represented this business.


Step one was to talk to the people whose opinions mattered most: CORVUM’s existing clientele. Over the course of 3 months, we interviewed several current and past clients, as well as prospects and organizations who had decided against using the company. The goal was to uncover a holistic view of what the organization was offering, how it was perceived, and what gap existed that the new and improved firm could fill.

Based on our client research, competitive analysis, and industry review, as well as detailed client personas from a third-party, we devised a solid brand strategy including brand voice, personality, key messages, value proposition, positioning statement, brand pillars, and reasons to believe.

This became the solid and dependable foundation of the brand we built.


Our challenge here was to appeal to a traditionally conservative audience (lawyers) whilst being true to the real personality of the brand and team (joyous, kind, straight-shooting, fun). We drummed up a multi-faceted brand that, when all the pieces came together, was equally intellectual and dependable (read: conservative) as well as clearly different and approachable(true to CORVUM's heart and soul.)

The brand included:


We put it all together for tradeshow collateral that would both inform and inspire.

Together, all the collateral brought the brand to life in a big way. Small attention to detail—like adding hints of the brand palette to stock photography and adding a foil stamp to key elements of the brand pattern— gave the brand a confident, bright hint of something special at every turn.


To make the new player in town a memorable one at key legal industry expos, we armed the CORVUM team with swag that stood out as much as their brand did: